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Our policy is to develop a high standard of academic excellence and enable students to develop skills and methods that will extend their understandi...
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Our policy is to develop a high standard of academic excellence and enable students to develop skills and methods that will extend their understanding of science and society. Students are encouraged to see themselves as whole persons with choice, taking the responsibility that goes with that choice. They also need to develop a self discipline enabling them to make responsible choices in a society which itself is having to adapt to changing standards and which has a growing awareness of it’s own need for change.



To provide an environment in which every individual is cared for morally, intellectually, physically and emotionally.



British Ramses School takes pride in its commitment to excellence. We strive to inspire and empower our students to become passionate, confident and life-long learners. In addition, to encourage our students to appreciate themselves and others as individuals irrespective of race, culture, gender or religion, with the skills and strength of character to contribute to a diverse and everchanging world.



  • BRS is committed to excellence in the different fields of education. We encourage creative and analytical thinking that leads to learning for life. Our school aims at seeing our students growing to be responsible people that value teamwork and respect individuality.  For BRS the child’s whole being is important. We see each student as an individual with unique talents, strengths and struggles.
  • This is our tool in creating a safe learning environment for every student in order to help him/her reach their maximum potential. We strongly discourage students to compare themselves with other colleagues in regards of talents, achievements or grades and we encourage parents to do the same. We value our students’ well-being emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • Our goal is to see each child grow to become knowledgeable, effective and influential people in society.  
  • We appreciate, respect and value people for who they are. We believe that all individuals from all social standards are worthy of our honoring treatment and support.
  • Our love for our country is the driving momentum that heartens all students to grow bearing in mind that they can make a difference. That is why honesty, integrity and responsibility are some of our main values that we integrate in every learning experience. 



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Piece 2A Schools area investors complex- Katamya,at the beginning of Ain El Shokhna's Road, behind El Watania gas station.
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