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A windrose was an ancient Egyptian tool used by travellers to navigate the vast seas by mapping the four winds, Eurus, Notos, Boreas and Zephyrus. A...
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A windrose was an ancient Egyptian tool used by travellers to navigate the vast seas by mapping the four winds, Eurus, Notos, Boreas and Zephyrus. At Windrose Academy, we believe there is no single path to education. Every child will embark on their own journey to learning and development.



Our mission is to help students navigate through the initial stages of their lifelong learning journey leading them to achieve their full potential.



  • Student Centred Approach
    • We place the interests of the student at the centre of our decision-making processes. In the areas of academic excellence, school development and community, decisions are made to maximize student outcomes at all times.
  • Global Community
    • Windrose Academy promotes understanding, tolerance and friendship among all members of the school community. Students, parents and staff interact with mutual respect and celebrate diversity.
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking
    • The environment at Windrose Academy motivates students to think critically and communicate openly. Students are encouraged to express themselves and actively participate in the teaching and learning process.
  • Nurturing Team Spirit
    • Students develop team spirit by observing positive interactions between other members of the Windrose community. These learned behaviours are encouraged further through the use of collaborative teaching and learning methods.




Campus and Facilities

Designed to accommodate all curriculum needs, our school features spacious play areas, three multi-purpose courts and a football field.

 Our classrooms are equipped with a comprehensive set of resources including interactive smart boards,
laptops, tablets and high speed internet connectivity to drive 21st century teaching and learning processes.


Partnerships & Affiliations

Windrose Academy is proud to be affiliated with the following institutions:

  • Cambridge International Examination
    Windrose Academy is registered by CIE and complies with its requirements to teach the UK Cambridge Curriculum including: Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS/A Levels.
  • Egyptian Ministry of Education
    Windrose Academy complies with the curriculum and standards set by the Ministry of Education for International Schools. Experts from the Ministry audit the curriculum and the teaching standards at Windrose Academy several times during the academic year.
  • Carfax Education
    Windrose Academy is a proud academic partner of Carfax Education. It draws upon the wealth of expertise and experience offered by Carfax consultants in order to strengthen and improve its academic provision and general operations.
    The collaboration comprises, but is not limited to the following areas: school inspection and inspection preparation, staff training, process development, general operation and academic management support, advisory to the school’s board of directors.


 Awards and Success

We think that recognising and celebrating success is really important here at Windrose Academy, Cairo.

From individual student achievements to exceptional teaching from our team members, we believe in giving our students, alumni, teachers and support staff a big pat on the back when they achieve something great. It’s how we show the world what we can do and encourage our students and educators to always aim higher.



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Ring Road – Ain Sukhna Exit, Katameya, Cairo , Egypt.
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