Problem Definition

A common problem facing many countries expanding their education landscape is the lack of data, communication platforms and unbiased education planning tools ; that constantly feed verified, updated, comprehensive , and most importantly organic data.

Through research we came to the conclusion that there is gap in the system, and, that the solution is to start filling that gap with the missing parties to complete the 360 view. The gap was the direct involvement of the community in building a dynamic proactive educational hub , not a static blunt directory.

Meet is an unbiased online platform, where community members of parents , teachers , alumni and students can productively co-operate to submit their opinions, ratings and comments to schools’ profiles moreover is a powerful advisory tool and feedback system that reflects a 360 view of the education community members. will help in extending education stakeholders reference network to thousands of community members, all communicating experiences on a unbiased online hub.

How does it work?

Browse & Search
With we will have a proper planning tool that can help all of us find the best schooling environment for our children, not by just offering a directory of information but rather a 360 education community of parents like yourself.
Rate & Review
guide other parents on their education planning process through rating and reviewing your experiences in schools.
Like & Share
influence other parents by submitting your testimony/comment through many ways of contribution, from commenting to rating to opening a case on the community digital forum.