American International School (AIS) in Egypt – West Cairo Campus

AISE West opened in 2009 in Sheikh Zayed City. The attractive campus is located in a peaceful suburban setting about 20 km from Cairo’s center...
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AISE West opened in 2009 in Sheikh Zayed City. The attractive campus is located in a peaceful suburban setting about 20 km from Cairo’s center. We serve a predominantly Egyptian community. The school has grown steadily to encompass the whole range from PreK to Gr 12; currently there are over 1,100 students enrolled, with the expat student population slowly increasing as well. AISE West is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, the Council of International Schools, and the Egyptian Ministry of Education. As an IB Worlds School we are authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grades 11 and 12, complementing our American High School courses. We are an American International School with strong links to the local community and culture. Sports, vibrant visual and performing arts programs, and a strong commitment to service complement our academic life and international outlook.

AIS West Expectations

At AIS Egypt, we believe that each member of our learning community has a commitment to:

  • Participate actively and responsibly in his or her own learning;
  • Support parent-teacher-student relationships that enable success in learning;
  • Understand and appreciate each other as individuals with special interests, aptitudes, and the ability to learn and experience success;
  • Support the role of extracurricular activities in enabling students to explore interests and to cultivate unique skills;
  • Communicate proficiently using the English language and ensure all students’ first languages are supported to the extent possible;
  • Experience and value education as a lifelong process;
  • Develop the skills to utilize contemporary technology to enhance further learning;
  • Establish and maintain respectful and effective communication and collegiality;
  • Develop in all students a sense of personal and social responsibility through demonstrated service to others;
  • Respect local, regional, and international perspectives; and
  • Shape the future of our school through strategic vision, continuous planning, and agreed upon action plans linked to continuous evaluation.


The focus of our environment at AIS WEST will be learner centered—students, teachers, and parents will all be involved in improving. This transcends the classic moniker of student centered as we recognize that as adults, we still have much to learn ourselves.

WE WILL PROMOTE THE TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE ABOVE THE MEMORIZATION OF CONTENT. We strive for our students to be better each day academically, artistically, athletically, and in their willingness to take action. We strive for our teachers to improve every day their understanding of pedagogy, the intricacies of instruction, and the social dynamics of a learning community. We strive for our parents to be proactively involved in the cognitive and social developments of their children and learn how to reinforce learning.


The primary responsibility of a teacher is to those whom they teach. In meeting those responsibilities to the learner, the teacher will:

  • Teach in a manner that respects the dignity and rights of all persons without prejudices.
  • Recognize that each learner is a unique individual and what is required for their learning may vary.
  • Base their professional practice on continuous professional learning.
  • Not divulge information about a pupil received in confidence or in the course of professional duties.
  • Not intentionally expose students to embarrassment or disparagement.

Teachers recognize that they work in collaboration with the parents of their students. They also understand professional decisions must be weighted towards what is judged to be in the best interest of their students. Teachers will strive to:

  • Make every effort to encourage parents to involve themselves actively in the education and welfare of their children.
  • Recognize the right of a parent to be consulted about any matter that concerns the future development of their children.
  • Establish open, honest and respectful relationships with parents of their students.

Teachers are vested by the public with trust and responsibility, together with the expectation that they will help prepare students for becoming a contributing member of society. As a member of society teachers will:

  • Teach and model those positive values that are widely accepted in society and encourage learners to apply them and appreciate their significance.
  • Actively support policies that promote equality of opportunity for all.

Teachers have voluntarily accepted to become a member of AIS WEST and as such will meet the conditions of the contract to which they agreed. Teachers will:

  • Fulfill all contractual obligations to AIS WEST unless released by mutual consent.
  • Respect the leadership of AIS WEST and strive to be a positive and successful team member of our school.
  • Act in the community in a manner which enhances the prestige of the teaching profession and reflects positively on AIS WEST and its staff.

Teachers shall exert effort to maintain AIS WEST professional standards and promote a climate that encourages the exercise of professional judgment and trust among colleagues. Teachers shall:

  • Recognize the obligation to improve his/her effectiveness as a teacher in every way.
  • Respond unselfishly to colleagues seeking professional assistance.
  • Respect the professional standing of his/her colleagues and maintain the highest standards of professional courtesy with them.
  • Teachers will not undermine the confidence of students with their colleagues.
  • Respect proper channels to raise concerns or questions regarding school policies or procedures.
  • Act in a manner which maintains the honor and dignity of the profession.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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