1- Why did we choose education?

Societies well being is defined by many values, education has proven historically to be one of the main constituting blocks of these values. High performance education systems ensures the sustainability of societies’ welfare.

2- What is the problem we are trying to solve?

A common problem facing many countries expanding their education landscape is the lack of data, communication platforms and unbiased education planning tools ; that constantly feed verified, updated, comprehensive , and most importantly organic data.

3- How are we approaching the problem?

Through research we concluded that there is gap in the system, and, that the solution is to start filling that gap with the missing parties to complete the 360 view. The gap was the direct involvement of the community in building a dynamic proactive educational hub , not a static blunt directory.

4- What is edyou.me?

Edyou.me is an unbiased online platform, where community members of parents , teachers , alumni and students can productively co-operate to submit their opinions, ratings and comments to schools’ profiles moreover Edyou.me is a powerful advisory tool and feedback system that reflects a 360 view of the education community members.

5- How will edyou.me help me?

edyou.me will help in extending education stakeholders reference network to thousands of community members, all communicating experiences on a unbiased online hub.